Clippings of inspiration.

You know what I love about magazines? The surprise of finding a new one in the mail, eagerly waiting to be read. Each month I find myself carefully scanning through pages upon glossy pages in an effort to spot my new favorite tidbit of information or idea. Once finished, my brand new glossy gets added to the ever-growing stack of all my other well-read, inspirational glossies. And then, some day in the not-so-distant future, a cleaning frenzy will strike and I inevitably decide that the stack must go... and so go the beautiful pages of inspiration. Into the trash.

The perfect solution: Why of course, it must be a pretty accent notebook which beckons guests to take a peak!  Because, really, what's the point of bending page corners or placing bookmarks in a magazine you know you'll eventually be tossing? The end result? A book full of well-loved favorites!

ROSYRILLI.COM magazine clippings of inspiration

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  1. I just went and got my own book! I'm very excited about it. Thanks for the good idea sissy :)


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