Book blurb: Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Keeping this post short because I have a date night pending which includes playing little spoon on the couch with a very cute puppy (and hubby) and a big bag of popcorn. So, on with it...
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You know a book is a success when you start recommending it before you've even read the last page. Anyone who lives above a rock has heard of Eat Pray Love. I personally gave the book, eh, a B+. Committed, which is somewhat of a sequel, completely takes the cake. First of all, if you're expecting something similar to her previous success, be prepared to be disappointed because Elizabeth Gilbert definitely took a different approach to Committed. Its full of interesting tidbits and perspectives on marriage and I am absolutely eating it up. For anyone who's considering marriage or has already dove right into it, do pick this book up and give it a whirl!

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