Monday morning challenge.

I'm addicted to the snooze button.  And I swear to you, it didn't always used to be this way. I'm not even sure how it happened really. It's sad to admit but oh so true. I exercise that snooze button at least 2, 3, sometimes even (gasp!) 4 times every.single.morning. My poor husband has to bear witness to this twisted routine and yet, in all of his morning glory, he still tolerates it. He's a saint. 

I can still fondly recall the mornings once upon a time, in a far away place, when I awoke early and spent an hour + leisurely getting ready to greet the day. What happened to those good old days, you ask? It seems they've been replaced by last minute goodbyes accompanied by running, tripping and/or chaotic scrambling all the way out the door. Tsk tsk. This snoozing of mine has overcome my life so much, in fact, that I now shower at night JUST so that I don't have to wake up earlier in the morning. And what's most pathetic about this routine is that every night before bed, I swear to myself I'll get up earlier tomorrow. I won't snooze my alarm. Tomorrow will be the day I take back mornings. But, the snooze always prevails.

And then I noticed something quite peculiar this morning. I got an hour less of shut eye. Thank you daylight savings. And guess what? I snoozed my alarm just like normal BUT didn't actually feel tired, like I had just woken up at 5:45 instead of 6:45, which is actually what happened. This, in case you didn't recognize it, is a glimmer of hope. I can do it.  I will do it. I will wake up early enough to eat breakfast sitting down. Maybe even have some tea.  Pack a healthy lunch. Wardrobe myself in something I'm not embarrassed to show up at the office wearing (for once). Style my hair. Maybe even cuddle with my hubby in bed for a few minutes before saying goodbye. I WILL do it! Not this week, mind you (that would be a little too ambitious of me), but... next Monday. DUN DUN DUN. Oh you got that right. I'm challenging myself on the very worst of mornings. The dreaded Monday morning. Oh, how I'm already looking forward to this. Results to follow! And not to worry, I'll try to throw in a few posts in the meantime. 

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