Window sill seeds in March.

What to do on such a rainy, dreary, Sunday in March, you might ask? Why, plant some seeds of sunshine, of course!

ROSYRILLI.COM March seedlings
This is my very first attempt at sowing seeds (I literally had to look up what exactly to sow even means). Admittedly my thumb isn't quite green YET, but I do manage to keep my house plants at least partially alive and that has to count for something, right?? 

Lucky for me, I have the perfect window sill and sun room to use as a platform for my little soon-to-be baby seedlings. Now all they need is some love and affection. Grand sprouting entrance in, oh, say T minus 18-28 days.

I decided to get creative with this project of mine and have some fun creating handmade labels for each set of seeds. Materials needed? Scissors, seed markers, paper and some fun stickers. Not too shabby for an overcast day!

Hope you had a lovely day as well, my fellow green thumbs!

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