Playing nurse.

Unbeknownst to you, my little anonymous reader, I made a promise to myself when I first hatched this blog. I promised to avoid ever... and i mean ever... to use this forum as an outlet to complain, rant or rave. Instead, I vowed to show you glimpses of my world through rose colored glasses. So rosy of me, I know.   :) 

So here's the thing - I can maybe sometimes be a teensy bit of a big whaling baby when it comes to feeling under the weather. Sigh. Most unfortunate this morning was that my poor hubby was forced to take a sick day. And, worst of all worsts, it still didn't cure him...

pauvre bébé
And what do you know, OF COURSE, like clockwork around 3pm I began to feel those big bad germs being such creepers. The nerve. So in defiance, my last ditch effort feel good recipe, as is below.

  1. Healthy supper. Broccoli being the critical ingredient... because my mommy dearest always said it's the miracle veggie, of course. 
  2. Water - Avoiding city tap water at all costs. Did anyone else see that documentary where they lit the toxic water on fire? Cherishing my BRITA.
  3. Hot tea.
  4. Hot shower. 
  5. Hot se...  ahem! No no. Not advised. 
  6. Airborne. My hubby has told me a petrillion times that this helps so I'm respecting his great words of wisdom and indulging in this mega-vitamin elixir.
  7. Beauty sleep. Pretty sleeping mask a plus.
My fingers are crossed. Please pray with me that I will not be forced on a blogging sabbatical because of these germs.

And one last pocket full of pondering for you this evening:

Why is it that animals never seem to get sick? No, really. Think about it. You don't see your dog or cat coughing from a cold they caught from the neighbor dog, do you? Are our immune systems that much weaker? One would think that breeds of human would have evolved more than the pets we keep for company. 

See you (hopefully) tomorrow loves! 

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