Red wine to unwind.

It's quirky, I know, but whenever I see characters on Tv or movies cupping mugs of hot coffee or sipping wine I find myself longing for similar stolen moments.  And so, I decided I needed more of this me time in my life. Now years ago, I made a grand life decision that I would never become addicted to the coffee jolt. Years later and my smile is still thanking me. So I recently made the only logical decision left - My 2011 resolution would positively, just have be, to drink more wine. Red wine, to be exact. It's such a more enjoyable goal than say trying to lose 5 lbs! Plus, word on the street is that one glass a day keeps the doctor away. And so, with that, this evening I salute you with a big fat cheers! And don't you worry, I'll make sure to clean my pearly whites later so as not to tint my toothers :)

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