I was banned from my pediatricians office at the ripe old age of 18, which was all fine and good with me because it was honestly starting to feel a bit awkward sitting around all of those crying babies in the waiting room. The problem though is that I never bothered to get another check up. I recently decided it was finally time, after 7 odd years, to pay a visit to the good doc. Apparently, from what I was told,  I only have a solid two more years to increase my bone density. And so with that, I went out and purchased myself some vitamins (because, let's be honest, exercise is more of a pipe dream at this point).  Half my problem with vitamins is remembering to actually take them. The bottles end up somewhere in the back of my my kitchen shelves and you know how the saying goes.. out of sight, out of mind. So, I had the brilliant idea today to find jars to stash the pills in and voila!

ROSYRILLI.COM Alternative to storing vitamins
Okay,so let's be real here.. there still just some ugly pills but it's a slight improvement to leaving the unsightly plastic bottles scattered across my counter, wouldn't you agree?

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  1. Good idea! My problem with vitamins is that they always make me feel sick. I think I'll just have to invest in some Flintstone vitamins. Although, I don't think they'll look nearly as nice in the jars :)


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