Vintage technology.

I went without cell phone. For FIVE whole days. I mean, that’s practically a full week, wouldn’t you say? This was not at all of my doing, mind you. In fact, to my utter dismay, Monday morning nonetheless, I found my not-so-smart phone completely frazzled. Kaput. Finished. Non-functioning. Three trips to the Verizon store later, and I had successfully secured myself a replacement, but had to wait for the FedEx man to kindly leave it as a present on my door step.  

To recount my wireless days, its apparent that the pain was eased at each passing hour.  By day four, I barely noticed the lack of distraction.  My nearest and dearest family members had been alerted of my limited communication capabilities and no emergencies (thank goodness) arose. I truly found myself forgetting to miss my cell phone. That’s not to say that I wasn’t ecstatic when my number was finally restored to its former glory, but I now know a glimpse of what life was like a few decades ago. And honestly, it wasn’t that bad. It has me eyeing up my classic land line phone and wondering if perhaps there will ever be a day when I restore it too, to its functioning glory. 

ROSYRILLI.COM vintage technology: the land line phone

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