A blog in review.

A request has been made to provide some updates as to the subjects I've been chatting away about for the last few weeks. So, without further ado (and yes, that's the way to spell it. I checked!), here goes...
     Regarding my seedlings: They're quite healthy, thank you. In fact, I took such pleasure in rushing over to my growing tray every afternoon to check for signs of  progress, that I invested in some additional pots and seeds. And by additional, I really mean a few dozen more. Okay, so I may have gotten a teensy bit carried away considering that my sun room and kitchen window sill are now covered in pots but, really, I just couldn't help myself! Such pleasure is born from those little green leaves shooting up everyday. It's really quite incredible. 

     My alarm: I've come to the conclusion that I'm like a cigarette smoker when it comes to my snoozing habits. I couldn't, as much as I tried, give up this habit cold turkey. I went from a pack a day to just one a day, which hey, is progress. I'm sure my husband agrees that it's a step in the right direction anyway! 
     Birdie B&B: I regret to inform you that the breakfast portion of this ensemble has been destroyed. I went out back yesterday evening to see if re-stocking of seed was required only to find my cute hanging breakfast bar.... eaten! Literally. The squirrels appear to have gorged themselves on huge chunks of the house in order to get the goodies inside. Tsk tsk. It's a good thing squirrels are cute.
     The Starbucks Gold card: Check. Eagerly awaiting it's arrival in the mail. Any day now people.
     Sprinkle on: Um, too cute. I was this close [  ] to up and stealing all of the adorable little outfits Natalie received. Overall, a day filled with much oohing and aahing. Cannot wait for the day I'll get to hear the little pitter patter of feetsies on my hard wood floors. Sigh. Patience is a virtue. Or so I'm told at least.
     Wine: I'm still drinking it.
     The big day: Our one year anniversary is scheduled and awaiting take off.  We'll be staying at the gorgeous Virginia Hotel in Cape May, NJ. According to the reviews, there are many ravers. Cross your fingers for a beautiful weekend!

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