Day drinking.

This weekend hubs and I decided to join the masses at Riverpalooza. It was AMAZING. Beautiful weather, great music, and cheap drinks. Does it get any better? We didn't make it to last year's showing but apparently this year was even more packed and insane.  Shown below is just one small corner of the area where this event took place. The funny thing about day drinking is that... well, the drinking lasts so much longer. If you start at 2 pm and drink until 2 am, that's a whole lot of beverage. Things can get weird. Definitely detoxing for the next few days. Alright, well maybe I'll just have one small glass of wine tonight :) Hope you had as interesting of a weekend as we did!
Starting the day off with my fav - gin & tonic done right

Because, let's be honest.. you NEEDED some drinks in you to deal with these crowds

The happy couple

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  1. AAHHHHH looove your blog!! You are so cute! And such a great writer!


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