Powdered pretty.

The phrase, “I’m going to go powder my nose” conjures up images of prim and proper ladies from the 50’s excusing themselves from the table to use the ladies room. So, of course, I love it. Who knows whether they even really did powder their noses. Regardless, I’m devoting this nostalgic phrase to the literal sense. I purchased some pretty, prim and proper powder this noon-time to carry with me in my clutch (ok, or purse). I’m vowing here and now to excuse myself to the ladies room once an afternoon to fix myself up. There’s nothing worse than starting the day with face a’glow only to realize by the time you finally return home to greet hubby that you’re washed out with nose a’shiny.

Added bonus: I just so happened (coincidence, I think not) to hit a gift sale at the Lord & Taylor Lancome counter so now, not only do I have the powder but, I also have a mini mascara, lipstick and bronzer to boot.

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