These three things.

Three things I'm extremely excited about, in no particular order of excitement:

1. The elusive Starbucks Gold card 
             Ok, so it's not really that elusive. My sister earned one rather quickly and posted her proud moment on the book for all to envy.  Only people like me would actually be jealous. Going along with this morning's post about sweepstakes, another love of mine is a good reward. So, as soon as I discovered that the reward for purchasing 30 Starbuck's beverages is a nice shiny gold card with your name engraved (let's pretend), I knew I had to have one. And so, I've been busy buying up frappuccinos and vanilla rooibos tea lattes left and right. Another added bonus: Every Tuesday, in addition to my delicious drink, I pick up a free download from iTunes, courtesy of the coffee giant. This helps immensely since I neither posses the time or patience to keep up my music portfolio these days.  More importantly, I'm now only a few 4 stars away from my golden moment! It's no secret that I hate Dunkin' Donuts. Adding to the list of reasons: They offer 0 rewards programs. My poor sister-in-law would have accumulated a shiny gold card in probably less than a month, if only she was a fan of the right coffee shop!

2.  Natalie's SPRINKLE
               In late May, my first (hopefully, of many) niece will be born! I'm ecstatic to meet this sure-to-be adorable little girl. But first, before all of that excitement begins, we get to sprinkle her with gifts in April. It's not quite a full blown baby shower, but a perfect way to give the already-pro mommy some different colored items than her first wee one. I didn't know sprinkles existed before hearing about this one. Its got to be of the cutest party ideas ever. Everyone is bringing a food item and so there's no stress for the hostess either. And besides, is there not a better excuse for me to go hunting through cute baby clothing? And better yet, for the first time ever, I get to venture to the PINK side! As her Auntie, it's my duty to outfit her in as many preppy pastels as I can get my hands on. Her mommy is, after all, going to be supplying the hot pink and animal prints :D  I'm pretty inexperienced at this, but my favorite new hobby has become checking the racks at Janie and Jack for miniature deals. Honestly, does it get any cuter???

3. Our 1 year wedding anniversary
               Has it really been a year already!? Piece of cake. And on that note, I can't wait to actually take a bite out of our wedding cake, which has been staring at me from my freezer *almost* all of this time. If only you could see the big sugar peonies smothering that top tier. I can only imagine how delicious this will be after 12 months of icy existence. To accompany our slices, we've also kept one of the top shelf bottles of wine we received at our engagement party. What better time to pour our hearts out? When the discussion turned to exactly how we'd like to celebrate this momentous moment in our lives, we both decided against a second honeymoon-like vaca (I'm saving this for anniversaries to come :). Admittedly, to this day, neither one of us has ventured into a Bed & Breakfast and the idea of some old, creaky house where the owners can hear through the walls sounds a little too creepy for our taste. After some research, I think I found the perfect in-between. Not quite a chain hotel, but not a two room B&B either. More on this later!

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