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Wednesday, I was very close to deeming my day perfect and I can't help but share. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, it was Secretary Day... or, if you prefer the politically correct version, Administrative Professional Day. For most people, there's nothing glamorous about being an administrative assistant/receptionist/secretary (however you'd like to phrase it). I know. But for me, I actually enjoy helping people. AND I love the idea of secretaries during simpler times. Have you seen Mad Men yet? :) So anyway, back to my storytelling. My supervisor surprised my co-worker and I by treating us to lunch at Winberie's in Wayne. It's a local spot I'd passed by on numerous occasions but had never taken any notice. I got to indulge in some new yummy foods and my most favorite sparkling beverage. To top it ALL off, we were also rewarded with extra paid time off and a gift card. Seriously, how thoughtful is that? It's amazing what gratification is brought from tokens of appreciation. When again is boss day?@!

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