This week has been amazing. Amazingly productive, that is. Between jogs in the park, grocery shopping, gardening and cleaning... I really haven't stopped for a breather. Last night an old co-worker came over for some wine and chit chat and on tomorrow night's menu is a college throw-back night in State College, complete with two of my pretty ladies. Tonight? A little bit of indulgence. I was able to leave work at noon today and Hubby's celebrating, like only men can do, on a bachelor party. It's just me and my babies tonight.
The tiger who prowls my house.

My little snuggle bug.
What better indulgence than to cuddle up in bed and watch my all-time favorite classic? 
Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Hope you're enjoying your evening as well!

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  1. Can we please have a wine and Breakfast at Tiffany's get together? Please? Thanks :)

    ...your favorite sister


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