A lesson in gender wars.

Why, I ask of you, is it that men and women possess such differing styles of handwriting? If you take a peek at history, it was men first who were blessed with penmanship, not women. And by blessed, I really mean that only men were allowed to read and write. 

So, fast forward a few centuries to today. Have you ever stopped, just for a moment, to ponder this great divide in genders? I bet that you can surmise, with almost perfect certainty, that sloppy, illegible and/or just plain, how shall I say it....ugly handwriting is no doubt the product of some MAN. Of course, us ladies, we possess only the most prettiest, curviest, and clearest of penmanship. But really, how strange?! And do we judge not the man who has pretty handwriting? Gasp! But of course not... right?

Are these distinct differences learned behaviors? Are elementary school teachers only focusing their attention on the cute little girls with ribbons in their hair when lessons of handwriting & cursive are being taught? What in the world created this divide???

A pocket full of pondering for you.

Happy Friday!

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