Painting the town red: Part II

I'm about to seriously overwhelm you with photographs. My post yesterday would have been so much more fun if I could have included these then. Alas, I will count my blessings and be grateful I figured out how to post them at all. And so, to continue...

Our brief detour to WildWood, NJ for our boardwalk stroll...

Ah, nothing a nice cold one can't cure
Our B&B, featured above.

The lobby. Seriously, how cute?!
Our sitting room
Chandeliers everywhere!
Comfy cozy
Hubs donning his new outfit
Excited for our romantic getway.. just a little :)
The first (& smallest) bottles of champagne
Starting the night off right

Classing it up with our next bottle.
Love him.
My gorgeous jewels.
Perfect breakfast to end our perfectly delightful weekend

The best part about it all?! Another great (and long) weekend is upon us!

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