A walk down memory lane.

Blue shots. Pink shots. Miller Lite. Jager bombs. Apricot wheat beer in those "glass thingies"(aka jugs). You name it. We drank it. This weekend I had the lovely pleasure of taking a trip to my old stomping ground. It was a bumpy start to the ride, quite literally, but oh the memories. College. Unfortunately our pseudo bar crawl only consisted of two locations. Pickles got the best of us. Old man pickle was still hanging around, just in case you were wondering. I won't bore you with the inside jokes which became the theme of the weekend. Fetal matter anyone? Ok, sorry. I had to slip in just one. It was such a great time catching up with my ladies and remembering what it's like to have drinks sent to you from across the bar ;)

No really. I wasn't kidding about those pretty colored shots.
I have to say, although I love and appreciate my youthful time I spent in that magical town, it was the very first visit that I didn't yearn for a time machine. What a pleasant surprise. Could it be!? Could I actually be growing into this grown up lifestyle. Oh my. Whatever will become of me...

Ps. I do not look like Miranda. Please tell me I'm not Miranda. Ok, so maybe two inside jokes. I just had to throw in one last reference which only those keeping their bar stools warm nearby would appreciate. Please do forgive me!

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