Dress to impress.

Remember a little bit ago when I was telling you all about how I'm such a fussy eater? Well, I also happen to be a picky dresser. This inherently means that I only dabble in online shopping infrequently. With that being said, I did take a leap of faith by purchasing a dress from HauteLook a few weeks ago. With wedding season upon us, sometimes a girl just can't pass up a good deal. Where else can you find a dress for 20 something dollars?! Seriously. And so, I patiently waited for my purchase to arrive in the mail and when it finally did, I was... well, I was disappointed. The fit of the dress didn't have me over the moon in love. Sure I loved the navy color, the hemline and the lace detail around the bust. What I couldn't have anticipated was that the "empire" waist would be about 2 inches below where an empire waist should fall on me. And so I was temporarily discouraged.  That is until I had the brilliant idea to add a ribbon to the dress, which effectively covered up the less than thrilled about area. A trip to Michael's and about $3 later and I had secured myself a very satisfactory soon-to-be ensemble! Did I mention that I love ribbon, bows and anything feminine? It just goes to show that a little magic can happen with even the tiniest bit of tweaking!

I've since discovered (mostly from word of mouth) some additional great places to shop online:


Please do share if you know of any other interesting digital aisles to peruse. I'm always open to a good recommendation :)

Pictured below is my method of madness for packing, as well as some less than perfect pictures of me in the dress, which is what happens when you're home alone with no one to take pictures of you.

Happy shopping!

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  1. I'm totally with you on the picky dressing!! That is such a cute dress and fits you so well!!! I love it!



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