One of my favorite so-called "snacks" is freshly baked bread with olive oil and a variety of dipping spices. Mmm. Add in some cheese and wine and you've got yourself quite the delectable spread. A few years ago, I had purchased a 4 compartment canister of seasoning spices which were a perfect addition for this go-to hostessing meal. The only problem? Well you see, hubby and I ate it. ALL. Every last tidbit of a spice. I'm telling you, these flavors are irresistible. So a few months ago, while I had the canister upside down and was attempting to knock the last little remnants of spice out, I realized it was finally time that I purchase a replacement. To my horror, I haven't been able to procure my beloved spices. I've been searching both far and wide. Poor, innocent grocery store workers have been subject to my hunt through aisles and, believe me, I've hit up just about every chain in my area. So today, in a moment of desperation, I decided to take my search online. Oh the magic of modern day technology. Right away I spotted my little darlings. Oh, how I've missed thee!

I'm sad for you because you don't even yet realize what you're missing! I know this all seems quite silly but hubs and I have really grown fond of this last minute treat and I'm so happy to recommence our little afternoons savoring these flavors. Victory is mine!
Available for purchase here.


  1. That sounds awfully tasty!!!! I hate when the local grocery store doesn't have my needs! I'm feeling that way with a certain Italian dressing right now! I'm now a follower as well! We can be blogging newbies together! :)

  2. You're adorable! Thanks for the link to where I can purchase. I'm quite tempted after reading your rave review!

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