Surprise! Surprise!

I can still remember when, in third grade, my parent's pulled me from class early to hop in an RV... down to Disney World. It was the best surprise any 8 year old could dream up. Years later, I can recall camping trips filled with bottled treasure maps and buried boxes of antique jewelry to find. Fast forward to today, all of their "little" girls in their twenties (some of us, late twenties - gasp!) and what do my parents do? Well they plan an entire vacation without telling us where we'll be staying ... only naturally.  This has been ridiculously exciting. We know it's the Caribbean, because after all, we needed to know whether to pack swimsuits or hiking boots. They revealed during Easter weekend that the destination was hot and then (reluctantly) told us that the island we'd be enjoying our stay at is St. Thomas. I think there's still some lingering doubt about whether that was just a ploy to throw us off or not. Regardless, we have NO idea if it'll be at a hotel, resort, or private villa. I am beyond excited. It'll all remain a surprise until the plane lands and we're driving up to.... wherever it is that we're staying. 

I'm eagerly awaiting hot, sunny days on the sand, blue waters, corona in hand and some Bob Marley floating through the air. All only 3 days away!!! It's not your traditional 4th of July festivities but I'll gladly trade in my sparklers for sunscreen any day! Friday could not come sooner!

Past vacation family portrait

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  1. Oh my goodness, how fun! I'm excited for you! Sounds like you have some amazing parents who know how to have fun!


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