Adults only.

Pondering: Why, oh my, do they only sell Crayola colored toothbrushes at the drugstore? Last time I checked, not all of us are 5 years old. My color taste buds have expanded beyond bright princess pink. Why aren't clear, white, wooden or even metallic toothbrushes distributed? Think about it. Sleek sinks across the nation would benefit from such a face lift! I know. I know. Before you even say it, I've already thought it. There needs to be some type of differentiation between bristles so that I don't accidentally grab my husbands. But don't you worry. Problem solved. Monogram much? Or I'll even settle for some subtle color, preferably towards the bottom. Hmm.. I wonder who I need to contact about this grand improvement to my bathroom aesthetics. I can already envision the marketing plan now. Oh well. I guess I'll be using my neon purple brush tonight.

Ps. Just so you're aware, as we speak, hubs is laughing at how supposedly lame I'm being right now for writing an entire paragraph on the ugliness of modern day toothbrushes. Hehe.

Pss. I'm not lame. I'm just reflective and creative, right?! 

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