Keep Left.

I’ve avoided writing this post, not for lack of enthusiasm, but for my current hatred towards all electronic distractions. Oh, how I long for the days yonder - full of sand underfoot, warm sunlight and the soft feel of salty breeze air. As much as I greatly appreciate any week long getaway, it is AWFULLY disheartening to return to the sterile feeling fluorescent lights with a view only of the monitor in front of me. How quickly my days have ceased to include the great outdoors.  I’m now being kept most hours inside. For this reason alone, I’ve found it most difficult to sit at my computer any longer than necessary… even to share in my memories. 

And so, with a bit of effort, I begin my tale…

Let me start by saying that our family vacation went just splendidly! I must take a momentous moment to thank my parents who graciously invited all three of their daughters, each with a +1,  to enjoy in this trip to St. John (surprise!). Between the 4 cameras which accompanied us during our leisurely days, there are literally too many photographs for me to share. But not to worry, I've highlighted a few of my favorites below.

FIRST of all, let's talk about what a cute spin this is on the traditional welcome basket!
Corona obviously being a must.
View from our villa... on a cloudy day no less!

Welcome to our humble abode for the week! Seriously. Who lives like this!? I have a gazillion awesome photos of the villa but none will do. There are professional (aka better) photographs available. Take a little looksie at the grand Villa Tesori.

Look closely. There's a little yellow crabby friend hiding in the sand!
Francis Bay on the first beach day
St. John had the most amazing views, even from roadside. Oh, did I even mention the roads yet? I sincerely wish I had photographed the intense switchbacks and mountain hills we trekked up all week (on the left side, mind you!). Good thing we rented two Jeep Wranglers. Wheels were spinning all week long to the dismay of my mom and I.

If there's such a thing as heaven on earth, I'm pretty positive it looks a little something like this:

The family
Even the vegetation on the island looked like something straight out of Avatar.

Surprisingly enough, there are the good ole common deer mulling about in the forests. In addition, we also happened upon some randomly grazing goats, cows, chickens and, my all time favorite, donkeys! Oh, you know... just hanging by the side of the road.

Trunk Bay
On our third night's stay at the villa, we decided to spruce things up and indulge in a formal dinner - flank steak, baked potatoes, greek salad, and but of course, red wine. 

I must now pause here to congratulate myself. Yes, you heard me right. I’m giving myself my own praise. I managed, without fail, to avoid any smidgen of the evil morning after monster called hangover... which is no small feet considering that the alcohol was flowing plentifully all week. My saving grace? Wine! I’ve always considered myself a beer drinker. In college when other girls were complaining about there not being any fruity vodka drinks available, I prided myself in stepping right up to that keg and filling my red solo cup. I’ve come to realize, quite recently, that wine doesn’t result in any of the unwelcome ailments that I experience after drinking liquor or beer. It has become, in a matter of one week, my drink of choice. Not to mention, it’s about time I class things up a bit!

St. John isn't nearly as built up as St. Thomas but there are still a few great restaurants available to dine at downtown. How gorgeous!

And (sadly) a photograph taken while departing on the ferry.
Bluest of blue
We filled the week with an adventure to a different beach each day, snorkeling (well snorkeling for everyone but me, if I'm being honest), and stacks of good beach reads (more me). We spent a beautiful evening out on the balcony inventing new tropical drink recipes - The Horny Goat, Death of the Crab & Darcy Jarvis, just to name a few. There was the 4th of July festival complete with bushwhackers, fireworks, pizza and live music. Hubs and I even made it a point to get all dolled up and wander down to the Waterfront Bistro for a romantic evening for two. And yes, I'm sure it was the best filet mignon of his life! Birthday celebrations were in order for my youngest sister. Two numbers: 2 & 1! Note to self: Grappa is a horrible tasting Italian invention. Who could forget the rainy day my sister and I spent watching the closing arguments of a certain trial, which I hadn't bothered to watch at all previously but supremely enjoyed on said mentioned day. Shopping. Picture taking. Lots of camera clicking. Walks on the beach (literally!). Sunscreen. Happy hours. Taxi rides.  All in all, an amazing DRAMA-FREE trip! Who can beat paradise?


  1. AMAZING!! Oh my goodness, it must have been heaven. I've been to St. John before but I barely remember it. I think that means I must go back, SOON. :)


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