Lovely Lantana.

I need to stop my flower hoarding habits. No, really. While enjoying my Starbuck's latte & NY Times lunch break the other day (which, by the way, has the instant effect of making one feel so much more intellectual), I couldn't help but notice the brilliantly colored flowers lining their front. I was immediately jealous of these lovelies. Then on Saturday, I stopped to visit a nursery touting a buy one, get one flower sale. How could I not stop? And there I saw them. Those pretty little lovelies! I bought up 6, all in different color combinations. I'm obsessed. These are a MUST for all of my future flower bed. And I'm sure there will be many...

Who knew that owning a tiny plot of land would create such an obsession? Surely not I! Just goes to show you never know when a hobby will sprout up (pun intended)!

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