This is going to be a good, good life.

This weekend, keeping with my recent theme of debauchery, I visited a little known area called the Jersey shore (Ha). Hubby's family happens to live in very close proximity to the infamous Seaside Heights and they've been so kind as to host our annual tradition of friends, sun, sand and drinks. Friday was spent in leisure around the tiki hut where beer (and meat) were a'plenty. The perfect way to kick start any shore weekend. Saturday morning we toted ourselves on over to the beach, which was a blessing considering how disgustingly hot it was this weekend.  The ocean was surprisingly cold, in the 60's!, so most of our day was spent standing ankle deep in the salty waves. And then, it was time for the really good stuff. Time to get bamboozled! Of course my camera battery decided to die before I had the opportunity to document any of the crazy characters we witnessed (and believe me, they were there).  I did manage to get one fun shot of our station wagon cabbie we had the pleasure of riding in.
What a looker
On the itinerary for the evening? Saw Mill, Jack & Bill's, and Bambooooo. Oh how quickly I forget about my wilting garden in the presence of some good friends, techno music and Miller Lite. I do know one thing. It's damn good to know that I can still keep up with the boys! 
Bamboo Bar
Here's to hoping you had as enjoyable of a weekend as we did!

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