What happened to me?

Remember the collegiate years, full of crappy food and drunken benders? I've regressed. After my vacation drinkfest and a week full of eating whatever foods struck my fancy - because hey, calories don't count with friends (or family!), I was feeling a little.. how shall I phrase it? Curvier. Hubs made the mistake of mentioning that he actually liked my few newly acquired pounds. And I ran with it. Am running with it. Aaaand now I can't seem to stop. I've been inhaling food. It's like I got the great golden pass and just said, okay GO! The only problem? Well, besides the fact that my favorite pair of jeans no longer fit me, I'm starting to feel pretty awful. I've even been drinking coffee every morning. And that's a big personal no no for me. In turn, I haven't been sleeping well and so I've been drinking more coffee. Oh, and did I mention that I've been eating delicious, unhealthy foods? Forget the days of yoga and jogging in the park. Those are mere distant memories now. I can barely keep myself from the couch these days. Whatever is a girl to do?

First up, find some inspiration. And no, not the typical lets-lose-five-pounds type of inspiration. I need some motivating factor that says, yes - let's enjoy life to the fullest. Wake up early. Be healthy. Enjoy each minute of every day! Blah blah blah. No seriously though, I've been trying to brainstorm some ideas that will snap me out of this black hole I've fallen into. Here's my list thus far:

1) Visit a winery. Ok, so this still involves drinking but only of the sophisticated variety.
2) Throw a tea party. Proper ladies sipping tea and nibbling on scones seems quite nice.
3) Ugh, see. I've already forgotten what my number three was supposed to be. It's probably because I'm low on caffeine. Tsk tsk.

I did proactively subscribe to the NY Times newspaper today. I've conjured up an image of Sunday mornings with hubster beside me, perhaps still curled up in the blankets, sipping some (healthy) green tea. The sun will of course be streaming through my windows as I catch up on my latest news and start my beautiful day. 

This scene of mine will have its benefits too. I will decrease my daily caffeine consumption (tea vs. coffee). I will wake up earlier. I will no longer need to pretend to know about the worldly events other people are discussing. No more "mm hmming" while nodding my head vigorously up and down, simultaneously wracking (wait, or racking?) my brain for an intelligent comment to add to the conversation. Ok, who are we kidding? That's probably what other more normal people do. I usually just admit I have no idea. POINT being, I will now be in the loop. Always and forever. I can already picture it now...

Wish me luck!

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