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Now playing: Skip the Charades by Cold War Kids. With that being said, this is a bout of BWD. Blogging While Drinking. An unprecedented event. Very dangerous, if I do say so myself. Because here's the thing. You're reading this right now and I don't really know who you are. There is absolutely no way for me tell. You may be someone I know. You very well may not. And that's okay. Really, isn't that's the draw of it all? Honest. I hesitated to start this. I paused. I considered. I thought about it again. This time longer. This whole world of blogging. I had my reservations. Mostly I questioned whether this was the most narcissistic act I've ever enacted. But in the end, inspiration won out. I can attribute my blog to two fabulous friends, whom without I would have never begun my delve into the internet world. So a very big hello to wily wiley and 5th belle avenue, both of which I thoroughly, and without fail, enjoy reading. And I had my reservations even in the beginning, as a blog reader. Could they see how many times I checked their website for updates? Is that embarrassing that I read their blog even though I haven't had a real conversation with them in weeks? Oh hell. I was too embarrassed to even follow their blogs publicly. As a blogger, I can tell you this. It's flattery alone when someone even admits that they (even if only occasionally) read what you have to write. And so, without further hesitation, I urge YOU right now, right here, to start your own blog. I would love to read what you have to say. Honest. No holds bar. Anyone can do this. I'm doing this and still stumbling my way through it. And if I can do it, you can. So I urge you to dive right in. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Truth be told, I'm still learning. There's so much I want to share. So many opinions and stories. I think the hardest aspect is knocking the barriers down and revealing the most private and personal aspects of life, which also happen to be the most interesting. Three beers deep, two of which were 5% alcohol (thank you brewery), and I make a promise here and now. Right.this.moment... I promise to occasionally forget my modesty. I will risk judgment and failure. I will tell you what I really think. All in good time, my anonymous (only occasional) blog reader. 

Oh, and in the meantime, please send me your blog link. 

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Loving it. 

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