Change of scenery.

When I was younger, and the economy was booming (oh yeah, remember way back when?), my parents decided to invest in a second home up in the Poconos. Nothing over the top. A cute, cozy cabin conveniently located within walking distance of a lake, Club house and pool. Oh yeah, and the only bar around. It's about an hour and a half away from our full time residence but when you arrive, it feels like you've ventured far and wide. The closest mall is about 45 minutes away so instead of shopping or going to the movies, the focus becomes kayaking, boating, hiking, tennis, or golf, amongst other things. It's a welcome staycation. Incredibly enough, hubs and I haven't visited there in over a year. OVER A YEAR. How does that even happen?! So, tomorrow evening we're off to the Poconos for a weekend with my parents, cooking book in hand. We decided that whipping up a homemade meal for my parents would be a kind gesture to thank them for our amazing trip to St. John. I'm thinking this is the perfect opportunity to try a new recipe. Any suggestions?

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