Hair envy.

I have a serious bout of hair envy. And you know, I'm pretty sure just about everyone has felt this way at some point in their lives. Today is my day. Let me tell you kiddies! I was perusing the blogosphere and happened up this little gem here. Not only does she have long hair but it's red to boot! And let me tell you a little something about us redheads. We tend to like each other. It's hard not to notice another redhead because we are so far and few between. And it may be judgmental, call it what you will, but it's even more exciting to stumble upon one who looks normal. Because let's face it, we've seen them all: chubby, pimply, frizzy, fire engine redheads. Start noticing. Just watch how they're portrayed in media. Needless to say, it's not flattering. So yes, I get excited to see one who's giving "us" a good name :) When I was a freshman in college, my randomly selected roommate was a redhead, of the normal variety. Imagine my delight! Her hair was much straighter than mine but it was looooong. Since then - yes, all 7 years - I have been trying desperately to grow my hair out elbow length. And truth be told, I've been failing miserably. It really hasn't grown all that much. Maybe it's time to get serious. Bye bye heat products (at least for most days of the week). Curly here I come, even if it's considered to be unprofessional. NY Times published an entire article dedicated to the great misfortune of those who have been "blessed" with curlies. Read it here. So I've been doing some research. Apparently it's all about silk pillowcases, vitamins, the right hair products and diet. Could it be that my lack of love for meats has been inhibiting my progress? No more. Bring on the hamburgers!

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  1. yeah the silk pillow cases I've heard are really good and fish oil!

    Lovely Little Rants

  2. oh my god I know exactly how you feel. I get major hair envy from reading her blog. And while I'm not naturally all that ginger (only in the sun :P) I still tend to like my red headed girls :)

    xxx irinja (


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