Hello me.

Remember in college, trying to decipher just who you were? Ok, well no. Probably not because I'm pretty sure I was one of the only lucky few. But like I said earlier, I tend to spend a lot of time with my thoughts so this wasn't so uncommon for me. I specifically remember reading a biography (the one and only time I read a biography, by the way) about none other than the gorgeous, always classy Audrey Hepburn and thinking, wow. That's who she was. I mean, think about it. Just for a second. How do you sum up someones entire character in just a few pages? This was her life. This is who she was. (Insert x,y and z characteristics). It's like painting a person in black and white. And so it made me wonder. If someone wrote a book about me, who would I be? What characteristics would they attribute to me. What's my story.

The reason I'm ranting on about this is because I've noticed that there's repetition to the yet unwritten words swirling around my head for possible soon-to-be blog posts. A theme, if you will. I haven't quite pin pointed whether I'm a fan of this fact. There are a few things I think about though. Often. To name a few: Books. Flowers. Starbucks. Babies. Cooking (even though this is more of an aspiration than a reality). Oh yeah, and maybe super preppy, feminine clothing which I don't bother blogging about since I have absolutely no right to claim any notion of style. Yep, that's me. Just what did I do all afternoon? I read New York Times articles online and when I stumbled upon a book review, I hopped on over to the B&N website to purchase 3 new reads. Who knew they sold books for $1.99? I'm in heaven. So, while I wait for my new bedtime stories to arrive, I ask of you... just who are you?

Shopping cart:
1. The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson - Thank you NY Times review.
2. Baggage Claim by Tanya Michna - $1.99!
3. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - Because everyone but me seems to be reading this series. 

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  1. You will love Hunger Games! Well, idk, I couldn't put it down anyway. :)


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