My weekend with Irene.

My oh my! What a weekend. Friday night I celebrated my sister's birthday with the rest of my family. Pictures not included per the birthday girl's request. We enjoyed some homemade pasta which was deliiiicious. STILL waiting for her to send me the recipe! ;) Saturday morning the festivities began! The house was prepped and the guests arrived. Card games, cookouts in the rain and lots of alcoholic beverages were in order.

Some of the cast and crew for the night:

I tried reaaaally hard to wake up at 4am so that I could run outside and witness the winds and rain that were hurricane Irene but I failed miserably. Instead I stayed cuddled up in bed until about 10am. Oh, the pleasure of a sleepy Sunday morning. Luckily our house fared well and even our leaky basement barely had any water in it. No power outages here. Hubby and I decided to take advantage of the rain-free afternoon. We took our little pooch on a stroll through the doggy park and beyond.

So handsome.

Next up, a walk down to Main Street. Pit stop at Starbucks for two tall Cinnamon Apple Spice drinks and we were on our way. We just had to go investigate all of this flooding.

Our favorite bar!  Boo.

To finish the night off, I decided to whip up hubby and I some scrumptious cupcakes. For a little something extra, I added some cinnamon and sugar sprinkling to our cream cheese frosting. It was the perfect ending to our perfect afternoon. One I'll never forget :)

How did you celebrate Irene?

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  1. Why must everyone have cute dogs? I have no business having one myself, but your puppy makes it very difficult to remember that.


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