Walking in style.

So much to talk about! First, let's start the morning off with a little chat about my stroll yesterday. During my visit to St. John in July, I happened upon St. Johnimals Island Pet Outfitter. Cutest little pet boutique ever! The best part? It was surprisingly affordable which I can't say about most shops I've seen in the US. If my memory serves me right, I believe I purchased my lavender colored crystal leash for only a little over $10. The brand is Fabuleash and they are beyond adorable. Their unique leashes were available in all different colors. I fell in love and I'm not even usually one to buy over the top accessories for my pooch. Of course, I couldn't pay my husband to walk our little lady using one of these so last night I took the opportunity to take her for a stroll myself. It was such a gorgeous night I couldn't pass it up. How chic we were walking the streets of Philadelphia!
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