A waste of life.

So plush are the cushions on my sofa tempting such sinful wastes of time. Last night I reached an all time new low. I sat, for an ENTIRE evening, staring at the tv screen (as if my monitor at work isn't enough) watching special after finale after special of the Bachelorette. Not that this isn't a fabulous show, mind you. The facts remain however: Dishes went unwashed. Flowers went unwatered. Laundry went unlaundered. I accomplished absolutely nothing but the pitiful sitting and staring.  And by the time all of this wasting of time wrapped up, it was past my usual bedtime and so I crawled right under the covers for a night of slumber. And this is when I decided that an abrupt change needs to be made.

DVR. It has become one of the worst evils in my household. Seeing shows linger in that list makes me feel like there are too many to-do's. So I watch them all, every.single.week. No show goes unwatched. And so, as a solution, I've made a commitment to delete all but my few very favorite shows. Goodbye Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Extreme Couponing, Ice Loves Coco etc. etc. etc. The list goes on. Even writing this now, I'm realizing just how pathetic my DVR display has become. 
Tonight I've managed to avoid TV all together. I've also managed to clean my entire house, do two loads of laundry, water all of my plants, enjoy a meal with hubs and give myself a little pampering. Oh the improvements already!

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