Words of wisdom.

I ask of you, why is it that the older generations don't share their words of wisdom more with their younger counterparts? I'm sure behind those spectacles they're all brimming with interesting tales and great advice. Do tell us about the soirees you used to attend or the handsome, mysterious man who you had the never-forgotten rendezvous with that one Summer's eve. For some odd reason, parents and grandparents alike seem to be so secretive about their pasts. Why the hush hush? Doesn't everyone enjoy a good story now and then? I would like to state, for the record, that my own parents have been mildly open about some aspects to life. Over the years,  I've been subconsciously stashing away a few little keys here and there. Too many stories to list (I'm really just that tired) but lucky for you, I have muscled up the energy to compile a few...
  1. When children enter the family photo, women tend to focus all of their attention on the little ones. And realistically, it's probably because they require all of the attention. This, however, negatively effects your now neglected husband. He's just as important to the family dynamic as that cooing, cute baby of yours. Don't forget it!
  2. When your children are finally old enough that you can take your eyes off of them for more than a few minutes at a time, you'll probably start noticing that hot hubby of yours again. And in all likelihood, he'll probably now be devoting all of  his time and energy into that now-booming career. Call it just plain bad timing. A weekend away, sans children, is just what the doctor ordered.
  3. Just because you're married, doesn't mean you have an excuse to let yourself go. That hot and heavy attraction is still a BIG deal. Make sure it happens. Regularly.
  4. Some men lose their sex drives. Yes, you heard me correctly. Forget all of the jokes about women not wanting it.  Whoever these supposed couples are, they have always remained nameless so I'm left to ponder at the cause(s). Let's hope this ones just a myth!
  5. There's apparently more abuse out there in the world than you realize at the moment. Someone older than my mom confided in her once that people generally start opening up about traumatizing experiences only at a later age. And apparently (and more importantly, unfortunately), my mom also found this to be true. 
  6. Onto a more positive note - Flirty forties. Socializing with your other married friends at this age becomes quite titillating. I can only assume that it goes something like this: so and so's wife becomes attracted to so and so's husband etc. etc. For the most part, it sounds like it all stays very heatedly PG.
  7. There are swingers. Oh yes. They are amongst us. And usually not the couples you expect. Again, no names provided. Although damn. Because I'd really looove to know if I know any.
So, that's all folks (for now)! 

And just because this is way too cute. Please see below. My parents. When a love seat isn't enough. What to do? Well push them together, of course. Seriously. How cute is that?
What advice/life stories/words of wisdom have you stashed away for a rainy day?

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