Delicious date night.

Movie Tavern. Dinner and a movie? Check. Have you heard of this amazing new venue yet? I'm officially in love with both the concept and the place. Last night hubby and I decided to venture far and wide to test drive this unique movie theater. Noticeably missing was the popcorn perfume that normally resonates throughout theaters. And you know, I didn't even miss it which is pretty incredible. I know! Perhaps it was because of the full bar inside. Or the tasty food options that went beyond kernels and candy. This place has such a warm cozy vibe, it's unbelievable. Where else can you carry a glass of wine with you through the ticket line? Just picture large, comfy chairs. A personal armchair table, complete with tempting red button. The theaters are more quaint and so you're surrounded by less people. There are waiters! Actual waiters that come to your rescue with beverages and food of your choice throughout the showing. All with a little tap of that special red button. It's the most amazing concept ever. And sure, was our wallet slightly lighter for it? Yeah but you know what, the experience is well worth it. Date night, you have just risen to a whole new level.

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