Late to the party.

I finally finished reading the Family Fang which, as expected, turned out to be quite peculiar. This lent itself to the possibility of reading yet another book and so I grabbed the next novel from my stack. Hunger Games. I noticed the series kept popping up on blogger's reading lists everywhere. Needless to say, it was entirely finished within a very short two evenings. I sacrificed sleep and about ten other items on my to-do list in anticipation of what would happen next. It's an understatement to say that I absolutely LOVED this novel. Loved it in a way that I haven't loved a book for a few years in fact. It's a little like The Giver or Brave New World... on steroids. The heroine was reminiscent to Dagny in Atlas Shrugged (my all time favorite): strong, fearless, emotionless. Gone are the days of the beautiful and helpless damsel in distress. This book was so good, in fact, that I convinced my husband to read it, which doesn't sound like a lot except for the fact that he doesn't enjoy reading. I'm ecstatic that there are two more books in this series yet untouched and am thinking I may have to indulge over some turkey this coming holiday. AND, the trailer for the movie was released recently. You know it's going to be good when the movie depicts the book exactly as you imaged it in your head. I'm beyond thrilled.

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