Traditions and the non-cook dinner.

Mentally, I've been distressed lately about a great many things, none of which are actually under my control. And stress, I've discovered, is wholeheartedly draining. So, in an effort to combat my mental fatigue, I surrounded myself only with the most positive of things. And although it was far from being the perfect weekend, it was the best I could do. We filled it with the absence of alcohol. We did a little shopping because, like it or not, it really does improve my mood. There was R&R. A comedy movie was accompanied by sweet kettle corn popcorn, a love I had forgotten about in recent months. We visited Kelly Drive for a stroll (Teacup and I) and a run (hubby) on a beautiful, bright and chilly November day. It's a Sunday scene which is fast becoming our new tradition. I've never been, and probably never will be, a city girl. I am, however, slowly learning to love what this city has to offer...

And lastly, I ended my weekend with a healthy, no-cooking-required, meal. Because sometimes, just sometimes, it's the simplest ingredients in life, which when combined,  bring the most enjoyment.

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  1. Hi there

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend - I hope you are less stressed this week.
    I find exercise helps too..



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