Life lines.

At times, I still have difficulty grasping this whole concept of blogging. I certainly don’t believe in forced blog posts, although I’m sure on occasion I’ve been guilty of it. It’s interesting how I will go days with little thought to the whole kitten caboodle and then other weeks, I’m writing entire blog posts in my mind while driving and wishing I were home to jot them down. I guess it’s a little like me getting dressed in the morning. Some (most, if I’m honest), I want to stay buried in bed for as long as possible, so I sprint to pick the warmest, comfiest, easiest outfit I can. Then there are those special days where I wake early, take my time, and wholly enjoy the selection process. There’s no telling when those days will strike and I’m betting creativity is a little bit like the same thing. I wish I knew what magical recipe would make me feel inspired from one day to the next but it always seems so elusive. Sometimes, just reading other blogs will do the trick. Other days, it will have the reverse reaction and I’ll tailspin into a feeling of annoyance, hopelessness and/or utter uncreative-ness. I’m pretty sure that’s not a word, but guess what? I just created it. So be what it will, here’s to hoping the new year brings about many days of inspiration and very few of despair. The way I see it, 2012 is an open book just waiting for me to draw my life onto the lines.
High school sketches, rediscovered.

{Today is a creative day, if you can't tell}


  1. beautiful sketches! Very delicately drawn. You're very talented

    Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo

  2. Where's the purple one? That's my favorite!

  3. Your wonderful! I have always loved your drawing and admired your abilities! It is a great stress should try to do more of it!. You have always been talented and you are different and you should not hide proud of what you can do!


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