Perfectly parfait.

Somewhat of a delicacy this time of year, given the price of berries, I've been loving all things parfait. Sometimes with granola and vanilla yogurt and others spiced with a splurge of whipped topping. Perfectly simple. AND it goes deliciously well with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. 'Tis the season (have I used that phrase enough for you yet?) of indulgence for anyone blessed with a sweet tooth like mine. Between cookie exchanges and office parties, there's always a surplus of sugary sweets. I'm still in wonderment as to the reason why, but my office claim to fame appears to be my cupcakes. I would share my oh-so-secret recipe with you except that it's right there on the back of the Betty Crocker box. Maybe all of the hubbub has a little something to do with cream cheese frosting and elaborate sprinkle displays. Regardless, last night I somehow managed to seriously botch my first dozen. How one ruins boxed cupcakes, I will never know. Last holiday season, I somewhat failed in making these Linzer cookies as well. Apparently I was missing a key ingredient: parchment paper. I'm thinking a re-do might be in order this Friday while my family bakes an outrageous number of cookies . Trial and error, ladies! Trial and error. Side note: Don't those cookies look like they'd pair perfectly with a cup of tea?!

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