Pine needles and pizza.

This weekend hubs and I did a little tree shopping. We made our decision in record time. I kid you not when I say that our selection was made in less than a minute, with the very helpful assistance of our local employee. Our tree. She was such a beauty. Was being the operative word. But before I get into that debacle, let me tell you about how we stumbled upon the most amazing pizza my taste buds have ever met. After ordering my Starbuck's white chocolate peppermint mocha latte (a must when Christmas tree shopping, if I do say so myself), hubs spotted a pizzeria next door and stopped in for a slice. I instantly envisioned stale, soggy slices and passed up on the offer. My mistake. Husband, on the other hand, ordered the White Margherita described as "garlic sauce, fresh mozzarella, regular mozzarella, chopped fresh basil and a splash of plum tomato sauce." Sprinkle some garlic salt and red pepper flakes and my mouth was in heaven. I love me some pizza and this was on a whole new level. So good in fact, that we ordered an entire pie the next night. Did I mention how good it was??

I'm getting carried away about food again aren't I? Okay, okay. Onto other topics, mainly my once perfect tree. We laid eyes on her and knew she had to be ours. She was tied tightly and packaged neatly into our car. Off we went. We got her home and placed her oh so cozily in her stand. And as we cut off the plastic netting nestled so close to her branches, we noticed she was badly cut. By badly, I mean that when they sliced off a fresh layer of trunk, they also chopped huge branches at the bottom of our tree. What was left? Very awkward areas. Limbless areas. Big gaps and holes where pine needles should have been. Hubby and I were embarrassed. And then we were laughing at our most pathetic tree to date. There's something endearing about a charlie brown tree. Photographs coming soon.

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  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing pics of your Charlie Brown tree now ! Maybe it might be the most memorable one you will have. On the upside you found great pizza !


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