The interlude.

Secrets locked away. Hidden. Turned over and over. These are our thoughts. And sometimes people share them freely. And other times, they are kept close to heart. Unshared. Special only in our own making. Maybe a glass of wine. Or sometimes, maybe, it's courage. The longing to be heard. And then quite a funny thing happens when thoughts are turned into spoken words. Shared amongst others. No longer mine to keep. Sometimes regretfully. The things I released. Those thoughts which have been tumbling and circling. Subject to interpretation. To judgment and disagreement. Why do I regret giving up those moments? Often. The secrets of me. Inconsequential to others. Important only to who I am.

Ps. Can you hear me? 


  1. Yes! I often feel this way with my words. I have this feeling that if I type it a certain way it may be viewed in a way unintended. As you know, this is why I prefer my voice, but that is not always the answer. Maybe I am not completely understanding your meaning but I find that to be what is so beautiful about this little piece. It makes you think! What brought up this little reflective moment?

    xoxo Jessa


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