Hi March.

Helloooo again! It's unfortunately been a little rough going around our household lately, something I couldn't have predicted when I originally posted that I would be MIA in February.  I'm still on the ledge about sharing every tid bit, nook and cranny of my life since this is the internet and all. We'll see. Suffice it to say that I'm seriously looking forward to a change in seasons, literally and metaphorically. Spring feels right around the corner. March 20th to be exact. And it always has a way of sprouting a little early in our home. All of the makings for a great seedling are ready to go except, that is, for the seeds themselves. I'm still waiting for those precious babies to arrive in the mail. Aaaany day now. Last year I had the foresight to take photographs of my garden patches so that I know what plants did best. I'm beyond excited to get my hands dirty again, and in case you were wondering, oh yes...there WILL be family flowering day once again! Less weed pulling, more flowering. Oddly enough, our house doesn't have a garden spicket so last year I had to hop over a fence to my neighbors, who were gracious enough to share their hose. This year, I'm hoping to find a miracle plumber who can hook us up. Is this totally boring? Okay, chatting about flowers and hoses is... well, yeah. Pretty boring. But you know what? When I was in college I took one of those career assessments. Don't worry, this story does have a small point. I took one of those assessments and along with "Homemaker," another one of my results? Florist. You heard it right! So yeah, I'm probably a little more obsessed with flowers than most 27 year olds. Some people have cooking. Some have fashion. I have flowers! Hopefully, someday over the rainbow, I can make Martha proud.

Zinnias, from last years garden.

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