What the future holds.

I was left craving more after the completion of Hunger Games, etc. when, to my great relief, a recommendation from my sister saved the day. She made mention of the Matched series. Again, a futuristic sight of what society could look like one day. How I've found myself wrapped up in teen sci-fi is beyond me, but I'm definitely enjoying the change in scenery from my library of chic lit. Have you read any good books lately? Recommendations welcome! I heard Divergent is also a great series, and yet ANOTHER futuristic take on life. I'm seeing a trend. ...And I like it!

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  1. oooh fun! I'm on the hunt for some new reading material! xoxo

  2. You have to read A Great and Terrible Beauty... if you haven't already done so. It's a trilogy that I REALLY enjoyed!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  3. The Hunger Games did that to me too... I felt cheated when I finished them and had nothing to read. I am with the comment above- I too loved that trilogy. Happy reading! xoxo

  4. I'm reading Bird Song at the moment - a love story set in War Time Britain.
    It's lovely and sad all at the same time.

    Hope you are well :)



  5. i'm reading jeffrey eugenides' "the marriage plot" right now...i'm liking it but when i'm not reading it, it doesn't make me miss it like some other books do.

    prior to that, i read mindy kaling's "is everyone hanging out without me?" and that was great. light and funny.


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