All of the toppings.

Pizza toppings, that is. Delicious, colorful veggies. Oh, and cheese. Can't forget the cheesy delight!

When the invite was extended to friends for a Friday dinner date, I hadn't anticipated the meatless requirement that came along with their religious beliefs. And did I mention I don't eat fish? Having an audience, I didn't feel the timing appropriate for me to try my hand at it for the first time either. What's a host to do? So it was, a pizza making dinner date was born. Everyone likes a good cheesy pizza, right? Not to mention it's interactive, with each couple having their hands on the creation of a customized pie. Add in some card games and wine...and voila! A perfectly paired evening.

The pizza making station.
Wine corner.
The guests of honor.

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  1. what a cute idea! And I can't believe you don't eat fish- i love it! yum. But who doesn't love a pizza? you can never go wrong! xo


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