A city of strangers.

In an effort to enjoy the unseasonably warm temperatures yesterday, hubs and I went on a little stroll with our four legged family member through the city streets of Philadelphia. The sheer number of undiscovered corners still amazes me. Little markets here and there, Italian Ice stands, gorgeous blocks of well-manicured row homes. We're trying to soak it all in, knowing that this time will be short lived and that someday a move will be made to  the driveway laden suburbs. It did occur to me, on our post-appetizer stroll, that we're living in a city full of strangers. It's a unique experience. To be surrounded by so many people, yet to know no one. Or very few, comparitively. And it's kind of ironic too. Take our entire block of row homes, for example. I can only call by name people from, oh.. maybe 3 of the homes? Compare that to "larger" neighborhoods where the houses are separated by grassy acres, and I feel like you actually know more of your neighbors. Not just the person directly across from you, but the neighbors three houses down. Or is that just my imagination? Is our knowledge of names and faces always limited to a 4 house proximity?

We're always just one in the masses.

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  1. i love philadelphia and somehow didn't realize that you lived there -- my entire family is from northeastern pennsylvania. :)

    you bring up an interesting point about knowing your neighbors -- i live in an apartment complex and don't know any of my neighbors beyond a simple "hi, how are you?", but my parents -- who live in a suburban neighborhood -- know almost everyone who lives on their block. hmm...


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