Novice approaches.

Welcome to amateur hour. And no, not the sleazy, breezy type. More like your grandmother garden variety. This warmer-than-most-March-es weather has had me dropping in on my local Home Depot quite often these past few weeks. A little daisy here. A little rununculus there. Its become the perfect spot; a quick hop, skip, and jump around the corner during lunch. With that said, I've already started spotting my garden with a few fresh flowers. With each new splash of color, I've quickly become overwhelmed by the daunting task of filling every garden bed. There are so many gorgeous colors and combinations, it's hard not to get turned around by the first bright purple pansy you see. And so I've taken to mapping out sections of my garden, section by section. Quick, rough sketches, easy to see and easy to read. 

Included: sunny spots, perennials & color schemes. Its provided some much needed direction and allows me to bypass the pretty, color-clashing petunia, while shopping for my nearest and dearest additions. What have you done to prepare for Spring this time around?

Helpful hint: Keeping flower tags creates an easy mix & match option for future seasons


  1. So envious! I can't wait to have my own garden:) Love the tips!

  2. Pretty Pretty! I can't wait for Family Planting Day!


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