Thinking of feeling.

Do thoughts cause emotions? Or do emotions cause thoughts? Really, because I'd like to know.  Maybe it's both. Or maybe it's neither. Maybe it's all just chemicals and hormones. If you think about it, thoughts haven't even had time to enter our consciousness yet first thing in the morning, but there are those special waking moments when a certain mood prevails nevertheless. Unless, that is, we're blaming it on dreams. And then there are those other times when you can't stop your mind from swirling with thoughts and ideas and it definitely makes you feel certain emotions, good or bad.

I'm pretty sure we can control neither. Thoughts or Emotions. Sure, we all feel like we do. Everyone believes they're in control of their thoughts, in particular. But the brain, it's really just an organ. Like any other. And it can malfunction, like any other. You don't see people blaming someone for having a faulty kidney though, do you? I think people have difficulty grasping an illness that effects the mind in general. Even though it's an organ like any other. Because even if our thoughts may only be responses to chemical or hormonal reactions, we're still in control right? Don't our thoughts make us who we are? Who are we without our thoughts? Isn't that our entire identity? Although, even if I didn't have thoughts, I guess you would still categorize me as having a certain identity or personality, one way or the other, based on your own opinion.

Okay, okay. I'm getting a little off topic. I know. But it's actually kind of interesting. And somewhat relevant given certain recent viral videos surfacing of a certain charity founder. It actually makes me feel more sympathetic towards that man. He has a wife. And a son. A family who's affected and watching. You may want to try and truly consider the entire situation before you judge! Think about it.

Oh, the irony....

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  1. This is really interesting. What I've learned from meditation is that feelings and thoughts are "just there", but you can work on switching them on, and off, observing them without judging and so on. Doing this, and becoming good at it, I think is life changing in the way that you stop letting them take over your actions.


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