Truth be told, I've been feeling a little off lately. I promise it's not for lack of material that has left these walls unwritten. And I won't blame it on not having enough time either because, I read an article which pointed out more accurately, that time is really just priorities. As I mentioned. You choose what's most important and what can wait. So, I am proud to say that after watering the garden and dinner being made (buffalo meatballs - finally! Yay Anna :), I am now fully ready to dedicate the next ten something minutes of my time lounging in bed, laptop in hand, in my favorite J.Crew nightie. Does that paint a pretty picture for you? Oh, if only you could see! What I'm saying really is that my nails, for yet another evening, are unpainted. The upstairs of my house is, still, an embarrassing mess. My novels will, again, have to wait for yet another moment in time.

And in all of this, I still have yet to share any actual news. Or moments of inspiration. Changes are coming though. I'm inviting them in actually. And it's amusing how little anxiety I have about it. I was recently faced with a rather large fork in the road. One with three options. So, I took a leap of faith. And I use that term loosely. I followed my intuition and I have no doubts about where it will lead me. Somehow I just know, it's where I'm supposed to go. Here's to the path forward being a settled one.

I want to share more. Really, I do. But my husband just walked in holding my favorite tea. And some things, some moments, are better spent elsewhere. How can I resist? 

Good things come to those who wait though, right? 


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