Lake view.

Hubs and I decided to take a drive today en route to a new locale for our feet to explore. This is how we found ourselves at the trails of Lake Galena in Peace Valley Park, PA. During our travels, we took in scenes of suburban neighborhoods and commented on the benefits of living in Bucks county. Who knows. Maybe it's the next place we'll call home :)
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Whether it be sun bathing in my backyard with book and sparkling water in hand or jogging along the premise of a lake, the outdoors is always a welcome change to sitting in an office. This weekend has been so beautiful, hot and sunny, that I've tried to soak up as much sun as possible. Being of the fairer skinned variety, this will no doubt lend itself to more freckles and minimal tan, but it's still an experience I enjoy.  Friday I went out for drinks and appetizers with a friend, and couldn't help but admire her glow. Oh how I'd love to have an olive complexion which doesn't require bathing in sun screen. Nevertheless, she shared that her nice tan was straight from a bottle! So it has me asking, what's your favorite sunless tanner? I've come by a some good ones over the past few seasons but am always on the look out for previously unknown magic tricks. Do you have any secret ingredients you use religiously this time of year??

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  1. Ugh, I wish I could recommend one, but I'm so white I'm practically transparent. Will be checking back to see what others have to say, though!


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