Missing: Front porch.

I'm no sorcerer here, but it's pretty easy to predict the future when it comes to books. The digital will eventually eat away at the paper. In the not so distant future, children probably won't even have text books. Can you imagine? They'll come home from school toting their iPad instead, or whatever fancy gadget is popular at the time. Does this bother anyone else like it does me? I'm always looking to the past for inspiration on the present. I truly believe it's a way of getting back to basics. Simplifying is the same as purifying to me. Maybe this is a fault, but for now, let's pretend I'm right. Just picture children who sit inside staring at TV screens, computer monitors, video game displays. Oh, right. They already do that. And then picture them at school. Gone are the days of the blackboard. They'll probably stare at some type of projected screen instead. They'll do their homework on their computer instead of on paper. And then, they'll grow up and they'll stare at a computer screen for 8 hours straight. And in between that, they'll stare down at the screen on their phone. They'll type instead of talk. We'll end up raising an entire generation of screen savers. 

I just read THIS NY Times article and THIS one too. I feel a little queasy. What is life coming to these days? Are we really this pitiful? We're trying to cram so much into our lives that it seems we're actually missing out on everything important. Family dynamic just went down the drain, along with sitting at a dinner table to eat or enjoying a leisurely evening on the front porch during a hot summer's evening. Oh, that's right. We don't even build houses with front porches anymore. What's the need, right? Kids don't need imagination. Give them their leap frog to play with or your smart phone, which I guarantee has a fancy app for that. So, I'm making a few vows, here and now. #1. I will never buy my child a fake cell phone to use as a toy. That's disgusting. #2. Kindle book purchases are on hold until further notice. I WILL support book stores and the feel of real paper in my hands. #3. Less screen time. More face time. It's summer. Bring on the beautiful weather!

Who's with me??!

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