Sidewalk envy.

Habits are a funny phenomenon. Not so much how they occur, because at this point I think we've all heard about the 66 day rule, but more so why. Why, at the age of 27, did I one day wake up and decide that the bed needed to be made every morning, following a 26 year rebellion against such daily niceties. Or, why after always longing to be one of those refreshingly healthy people who cleanses their face every evening, did I finally become one. So yes, I've been neglecting my computer but I promise it's been for healthier habits.  This non-exerciser has even been exercising! So that time before bed when I'd normally be typing away at the keys of my computer, I've instead been stretching and working muscles I'd long forgotten I possessed. My deepest apologies for being so neglectful. It's been an unwanted side effect. I have noticed a few unexpected benefits though too.  For instance, my skin, being baby soft. Whoever heard of such a thing? I'm hypothesising it has something to do with sweat and lots and lots of water. Or how about my fingernails FINALLY being strong and long. Thank you protein. Not bad, right?

I hope you've been as busy enjoying these early summer days as I have!

And on one last note of gratitude, I'd like to thank my husband for reminding me of the once forgotten Towpath along the canal, especially in my moment of suburban sidewalk craving angst.

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